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This is a revolution.
This is UNDRGRND. #ThisIsUGN

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Launching 2019

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UNDRGRND Music NetworkTraditional methods in a modern world

Back in the 40s and 50s, musicians would find each other by hanging around record stores, in music shops, or by attending events where bands would play on an almost nightly basis.
With the advent of the smart phone, 2008 financial crash, and pillars of the community such as Woolworths going extinct, it's not as simple to find like minded people anymore.

UNDRGRND is here to change that.

Traditional meets modern A casual meeting in the palm of your hand

You. Wanted.

Check out our teaser video below. This will be updated in due time.

How it works

1. Sign up

Create a free account on UNDRGRND. UNDRGRND profiles are different to normal social network profiles. Ours are more like digital CVs.
This makes finding the right musicians and businesses easier

2. Explore

Find musicians. Find businesses. Find venues, photographers, marketers, digital designers, a driver, rehearsal space, recording rooms, a producer, an A&R rep..
Get a group together, post in forums, list yourself as available or looking, sell old or buy new gear, sell merch, sell tickets..

3. Release

Upload your music to our charts, get airtime on the podcasts and live radios, get invited to Live Rail showcase events, host your own events.. the possibilities are endless.
All you've got to do is try. What have you got to lose?

The Team

AaronFounder & CEO

Before studying music at college, I had no idea where to start looking for other musicians. A few websites and message boards were available, but nothing in depth or really useful. Once I got to know others through college, my network grew exponentially. After I left, it shrank again.
This is when I had the idea for UNDRGRND. A place for musicians to meet, make music together, and thrive..

From humble beginnings

..The first UNDRGRND I built was a crappy 'send an email to this address to be added to a list' site. I spoke to a few friends and peers of what they'd want in a site, and after being told it was stupid or a rip of something else, I ignored them and spent 5 years planning and developing what UNDRGRND is today, but there's still a lot more to come yet.

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